Who Am I and Why This Website?

I am Pilgrim.  My given name is Brian T Stokes and I am many Earth years old in this body, and timeless -- like you -- in my Soul.

I have lived a life rich in challenge.  And I have a thousand limitations, the largest being parts of me that still believe this is the greater truth of who I am.

My desire is to reflect to one another the deeper reality that we -- you and I -- are astonishing beings capable of Divinity as we turn to a Vast and Loving and Wise Presence within.

Getting there is our birthright, yet we have to recognize, tolerate, then accept and finally Love the parts of us that are consumed with blunting pain and distracting ourselves from our unconscious "No!" to Life.

Doing that is the most compelling and daunting and heartful and rich journey in the Universe.

Reach me anytime, from anywhere you are on The Planet and inside yourself at brian@BecomingBeing.com or 919 260-6251 (US).

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